Guided signage with
route management

The tourist visitor finds himself in an unfamiliar environment when he first arrives at a locality. Having a signage that has the ability to guide, inform and instruct you about what you can find in the city in a simple but complete way is now possible with the integration in the QR code signaling system to access the Signeo applications.

Using these apps on their mobile devices, tourism is informed and guided so that the visit to the town becomes a complete and dynamic experience. This is how tourists leave our town with the feeling of not having left anything to visit and enjoy.


Online Maps
via GPS to Google Maps

Downloadable Maps
and printable in PDF format

Text about the routes
(history, main milestones, tips)

Route characteristics icons
(difficulty / duration / distance)

Photo gallery of the route

Function “where I have parked

Locutions of the text
visually impaired, listening
while performing or in group with hands

Downloadable PDF
with all the information of the route to
to print

Location signage
“You are here”

Gamification by geofencing
unlocking achievements / sending messages

One solution for all platforms